Create your first bonsai from scratch with our complete bonsai kit - available in Canada only<br>

Create Your Own Bonsai- Juniper-

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Here is everything you need to create your own first bonsai tree from scratch. This bonsai starter kit is a great idea for the beginner and a really nice idea if you're looking for a gift for a friend or family member.

Here's what's included:
One 6"ceramic bonsai pot
Instruction booklet
Organic fertilizer
Screen to cover the pot's drainage holes
Decorative gravel
One 2 1/2 year old Juniper bonsai

The basic Kit is only 60.00 and if you want even more, you can choose to start with a different tree or you can order a few kits with different trees.  It's up to you.
This product is only available in Canada for starter kits in the USA Click here. WE're working hard to be more environmentally friendly, replacing plastic bags with recycled newsprint and the bottle of chemical fertilizer with pellets of organic Japanese fertilizer

Customer Reviews

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Lippman Tam
Love my Juniper Bonsai

The Juniper tree arrived well packed and protected. The instructions and documentation materials were well written and easy to follow. Planting the Juniper into the pot myself got me familiar with the tree and gave me the confidence to not be afraid to handle it. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience when setting the tree into the pot, adjusting its position, securing it into the pot and shaping soil material around it to arrive at the final presentation. The end result was speculator for a first time noobie like me. It's so rewarding to see the final result. Definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to try their hand at planting/potting their own bonsai.

Katarina Despot

This was a 70th birthday gift for my brother and he seemed pleased in his picture, the bonsai looked cute and healthy. He was interested in bonsais years ago so I hoped to reintroduce him back into it

Norma Sedor

Received my 1st Bonsai today. Could not be happier 😎
The communication with Lorraine was the best customer experience I’ve had with ordering something online. Great customer service.
She came boxed with care and arrived in one piece and as advertised!,
Thanks so much for what you do and the joy you bring.

Michael Garcia

Create Your Own Bonsai- Juniper-

little jupiter

the tree came heathy andisstarting to grow. very happy with it ronald g. camden