About Bonsai

While I believe that the word Bonsai literally translates to "tree in a tray", bonsai is both the tree and the act/hobby/art of maintaining and styling a tree.

We want you to be happy with your purchase, so the best way to start is to help set your expectations. People are inspired by images of bonsai trees like this beautiful Japanese Black Pine ( which by the way will die if you try to keep it indoors).

If you want a tree like this:
  • be prepared to pay thousands of dollars
  • accept that finding one will take some time
  • understand that unless you have a lot of experience, you'll almost inevitably kill it. Sorry but that's the truth.

All the trees available for sale on Zen Garden Bonsai from the bonsai kits to the extra large trees are - in the world of bonsai - babies.
They have spent most of their lives in a growers pot and only recently been moved to a bonsai pot. The bonsai pot is more than a decorative container. It is a key part of making a bonsai, a bonsai.

To be successful with bonsai you must master the following skills
1- Keep them alive
2- Learn about the fundimentals of styling
3- Practice your skills on your trees - without killing them.
4- Be patient
5- Understand that a bonsai is NEVER finished. These are living works of art that will continue to change- whether you want them to or not- so decide that you love the change and enjoy the journey

Even though these trees are just beginning their journey as a bonsai they are already wonderful and filled with potential. We are working hard to expand our blog with instruction and new products to help you maintain and direct the development of your trees.

Finally, when you purchase a tree from Zen Garden Bonsai, we will send you the same type of tree that is styled as closely as possible to the images that we have. But it won't be exactly the same. The sizes are an estimate. The pot is not going to be an exact match.

If you are looking for something "exact", please- reach out and contact us. We're happy to help and we want you to be delighted with your bonsai.

About Zen Garden Bonsai

Zen Garden Bonsai was created to offer Bonsai Trees in the United States and Canada to people who are looking for a thoughtful and unique gift idea and help them pick the right one.

With that in mind, if you have a question - just pick up the phone and call or text me at 1 416 671-1979.  If you don't get an answer leave a message.  You can also write to info@zengardenbonsai.com. I'm happy and answer your questions.
There's a growing interest in Bonsai because its a deeply rewarding activity that has been around for a long time and will continue to attract followers who wish to create and admire beautiful living things. 

In an age when the "Baby Boomer" generation is nearing retirement, we know that Bonsai Trees are a perfect gift. They're not only beautiful to look at, they're also a wonderful pastime. If you've ever loved working in a garden, but your knees and back just aren't what they used to be, you might want to consider taking up the art of Bonsai.

Zen Garden Bonsai is owned and operated by LAC Marketing Manuals, which is based in Fonthill, ON ( near Niagara Falls) Canada