Returns- Please read

Return Policy

Let me share a story:

I just heard from a customer to complain that a tree that arrived 5 weeks ago is dead. I am told that it arrived in poor condition and that he spent the last 5 weeks trying to revive it. When listing the steps he took to save the tree they included repotting it into garden soil and adding fertilizer. Honestly, I had to slap my hand to refrain from writing that the "rescue" steps could easily have killed a healthy tree. And now - he wants another one, at no charge of course.

What would you do?

We want you to be completely satisfied with not just your tree but the whole shopping experience with ZenGardenBonsai, so please:

  • Check your order immediately upon arrival. Trees will likely need watering. 
  • If your order arrives damaged, please notify us immediately.
  • If your tree appears unhealthy when you receive it - notify us immediately.
  • Many trees will drop leaves on arrival. This is a normal reaction to the stress of shipping and you'll usually see signs of new growth in 2-3 weeks, but if you don't see buds forming- please let me know.

If for some reason you change your mind about your bonsai, please notify us immediately on receipt.  We will accept returns when we hear from you within 24 hours of delivery. There is significant prep required for a tree and a high risk of damage during shipment and therefore a 30% restocking fee for returns and we cannot accept returns that arrive in damaged condition because of inadequate packing.  Please note that the couriers are very tough on boxes. The cost of shipping is NOT refundable.  Return shipping is at your expense.

Bonsai are living trees and we cannot assume responsibility for the tree once it passes into your care.