How do I know which is the best tree to choose as a gift?

There are a few factors. One is a choice between an indoor tree versus an outdoor tree and how easily that tree can be maintained by the person who it will belong to. It will also come down to how the look of the tree suits the person who will own it and finally, it comes down to what tree will best fit your budget. The best way to pick a tree is go to our section - Pick the Perfect Tree.


How long does it take to create a Bonsai?

Some of our trees are less than ten years old and some of them are more than 30. A bonsai tree is never finished. It will continue to grow - like the living work of nature that it is.


Is the tree I see the exact one I'll get?

We represent several different greenhouses and must abide by their policies and therefore, unless the product listing specifically states that this is a one of a kind tree, you will not likely get the tree in the picture.  What you will get is a tree of the same, type, size, age and quality and if you're not happy with the selection you can return it.


How do you look after a Bonsai tree?

The exact needs depend on the type of tree but in many ways they're a lot like other house and garden plants - they need water, sunshine and food. The outdoor trees need a rest period - so they winter outside in most places with different degrees of protection.  Check out out Bonsai Care section for more information.


What if I have a question and can't find the answer or I'm looking for a particular type of tree and don't see it?

The best answer is to write us at info@zengardenbonsai.com. We'll be in touch to help you out any way we can.


Do you ship everywhere?

No, unfortunately not.  We ship US Bonsai trees only to the US  48 states.  We ship Canadian Bonsai trees only within Canada.  Moving trees across the border is just too tough to do - sorry.  We ship our other products to the USA and to Canada.