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How to Move your trees outside for the Summer

This is an article I thought was already on the blog, but couldnt find it. So, here goes. First lets put this into perspective. I live in Southern Ontario - Zone 6B - near Niagara Falls. If you live in Sudbury or Winnipeg or Peace River Alberta you're not as warm as it is here.If you're on the Prairies your summer air might not be as humid as mine.Keep this stuff in mind and alter any directions to suit your locale.Welcome to spring. The birds are singing, the sun is higher in the sky making the light more direct and stronger and just maybe it's stopped raining.   Let's talk about moving your bonsai trees outside for the warm weather....

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Any Interest in Outdoor Bonsai Trees?

I'm getting really excited about the idea of finally being able to offer some outdoor bonsai trees. What I am looking at right now are Trident Maples Japanese mMples - probably red ones since I've already that that request Eastern Larch Japanese White Pine Japanese Black Pine

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Making Watering Easier

There is what used to be a lovely tiger bark bonsai sitting downstairs that dropped every one of its leaves because I repotted it and then let it dry out- that's called "yer bonsai double jeopardy". (sigh)

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