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Meet the Brazilian Raintree June 2, 2020 17:22

Native to Brazil, the lovely compound leaves of the Brazilian Raintree fold up each evening or whenever the light is low. If you get one, expect it to arrive with leaves folded. But even more than the compound leaves and fluffy flowers, the trunk is probably this tree's best feature



Ficus - Popular Indoor Bonsai April 21, 2015 22:38

The Tigerbark Fig is a particularly easy and forgiving ficus.  This is a great beginner tree, because it will forgive mistakes, but if you give it what it likes - it will positively thrive.

Chinese Elms - They Might Just be My Favorites April 2, 2015 15:48

Whenever I want to introduce someone to what I love about bonsai, I show them my favorite Chinese Elm.  If they didn't understand the attraction of bonsai already, this little beauty sells them on it every time! Ulmus parvifolia is an outstanding bonsai choice and one that belongs in every collection.