Create your first bonsai from scratch with our complete bonsai kit - available in Canada only<br>

Create Your Own Bonsai- Juniper-

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Here is everything you need to create your own first bonsai tree from scratch. This bonsai starter kit is a great idea for the beginner and a really nice idea if you're looking for a gift for a friend or family member.

Here's what's included:
One 6"ceramic bonsai pot
Instruction booklet
Organic fertilizer
Screen to cover the pot's drainage holes
Decorative gravel
One 2 1/2 year old Juniper bonsai

The basic Kit is only 60.00 and if you want even more, you can choose to start with a different tree or you can order a few kits with different trees.  It's up to you.
This product is only available in Canada for starter kits in the USA Click here. WE're working hard to be more environmentally friendly, replacing plastic bags with recycled newsprint and the bottle of chemical fertilizer with pellets of organic Japanese fertilizer

Customer Reviews

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Stephane Bourque

Arrived well packaged, great kit for starters!

Dawn Doyle
I love it!

Arrived on time, beautiful young/baby tree with the kit including pellets, soil, river rocks and a gorgeous ceramic rectangle pot for repotting when the time comes. The pot includes a bottom piece to put under the pot for catching water that drains. Drains are covered with mesh, ready to go.
There were 3 brochures included with instructions for everything from watering, to repotting and styling. Everything was in excellent condition.
Not sure if it was the owner or manager of the store who contacted me but when I ordered the juniper bonsai tree and kit I had left instructions to please not make the label obvious as it was a Christmas gift for my daughter and she contacted me through email. She made it clear she would do her best to hide what it was, and was holding off until as close to Christmas as possible to ship it so that it would be safe until then, and I would not have to take care of it as long. She patiently answered me whenever I had questions or concerns and walked me through anything I had to do to care for it (I have a black thumb, I seem to kill all plants!) so my daughter would have a live tree on Christmas!
Would buy things here again in a heartbeat! Wonderful store, excellent customer service, and they go above and beyond what is expected! Thank you for this wonderful experience. -Dawn Doyle

Cathy Cordier
Perfect !

This « create your own bonsaï Juniper » kit was a birthday present. The bonsai was and is still highly appreciated. Everything was perfect ! Delivery was made on the requested day, great follow-up, a very special thank you to Lorraine. Will definitely reorder.

fraser Holman
Not as prompt as we expected

So it arrived after her birthday.
Otherwise it looks good on camera.

Suzanne McLeod

I am very happy with the tree I received, only comment/suggestion I have would be to have the instructions at the top of the box so when you open it , they are right there to refer too