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How to Move your trees outside for the Summer

This is an article I thought was already on the blog, but couldnt find it. So, here goes. First lets put this into perspective. I live in Southern Ontario - Zone 6B - near Niagara Falls. If you live in Sudbury or Winnipeg or Peace River Alberta you're not as warm as it is here.If you're on the Prairies your summer air might not be as humid as mine.Keep this stuff in mind and alter any directions to suit your locale.Welcome to spring. The birds are singing, the sun is higher in the sky making the light more direct and stronger and just maybe it's stopped raining.   Let's talk about moving your bonsai trees outside for the warm weather....

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Summer to Winter - Transitioning your Bonsai

How will you care for your bonsai over the winter? Generally, winter is a time to rest and just about every tree needs a period of slowed growth. Trees from a temperate climate have their rest period triggered by shorter daylight hours and lowered temperatures. Native trees can handle the cold but that is not the case for all bonsai trees, particularly tropical and subtropical trees

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Welcoming your Bonsai home!

Your new bonsai – up until now- has been living in a greenhouse- Bonsai Heaven.  It has grown in consistently high levels of very bright, filtered light and thrived in jungle- like humidity.  So, unless you’re moving it into your own greenhouse, chances are things are about to change and in fact, after spending a few days in a box, that change has started.

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