Step Away from that Tree - It's Not For Lunch

Aside from the simple fact that a collection of chewed off leaves will rarely enhance the appearance of your bonsai tree, there is another great reason to stop Spot and Fluffy away from noshing on your plants. Several of them are toxic to dogs and cats.

Heading up the list are Cycad and Sago Palms which contain a substance cycasin, a toxin that can cause catastrophic liver failure in dogs and cats in as little as 15 minutes after eating. The seeds and buds are the most toxic parts of this plant, but no part of it is safe. From My reading up on the subject, it appears to be the worst offender, although by no means the only one.

Consider the Jade
Which can be deadly if for some unexplained reason your dog decides its part of a meal plan. It can lead to depression, diarrhea, vomiting and a lack of balance, reports the website If your dog shows any of these signs and you jade it looking a little skimpy, contact your veterinarian immediately.

OK, so here is the rest of the list, marked with stars for plants commonly grown indoors in Canada and the USA:

**Fig- aka ficus
**Norfolk Island Pine
**Baby Jade
Ambrosia Mexicana
Australian Ivy Palm
Cardboard Palm
Coontie Palm
Fern Palm
**Giant Dracaena
Australian Pine
**Buddhist Pine