Meet Haematoxylum Campechianum-a.k.a. Campeche

Haematoxylum Campechianum better known as Bloodwood, Logwood or Campeche is a fast growing ornamental tree that is found naturally throughout the Carribbean. It sports lovely yellow flowers that remind me of myrtle blossoms (except they're white). It's a natural source of a blue dye used for woolens.
Left to its own, Campeche can reach up to 50 feet tall and the wood is hard and very dense.

Campeche sports yellow flowers

Campeche back buds well on older wood- a valuable trait for a bonsai and that means that if you choose you can trunk chop a campeche and it will resprout. You can wire the branches on a campeche and they will usually accept the new position on the first wiring although heavier branches might need a second application.

Campeche does have thorns, but these can be removed so you only need to dealCampeche make stunning bonsai trees with thorns on new growth (and you can of course remove them as well) I've noticed that the new leaves have a coppery redish colour which morphs into a bright green as the new growth hardens. Several customers have commented that Campeche reminds them of Brazilian Rainforest trees and that's pretty much a function of the rounded heart shaped leaves which are among my favourites for indoor bonsai.

As you can see from the images, Campeche makes a beautiful bonsai. It can be grown and styled as a single specimen or in clumps or forests.

campechecan be grown as a single tree or in a forest or clump