Any Interest in Outdoor Bonsai Trees?

Japanese Maple, Trident Maple, Eastern Larch, Japanese White Pine,Japanese Black Pine, Trident Maple

I'm getting excited just thinking about the spring, but thats not all.
I'm getting really excited about the idea of finally being able to offer some outdoor bonsai trees.
Trident Maple outdoor bonsai
Let me be clear. These trees are not suitable for growing or displaying inside the home. They remain outdoors year round. They are hardy mostly to zone 6 although some might be happier in zone 5 and all will require protection in the winter.

The great thing about outdoor bonsai trees is that they open up your collection to the trees that we can see growing around us. Pines, maples, elms.

I will be tree shopping (even more exciting than my annual perusal of the gardening seed and herb catalogues) in April. Until I have my hands on the trees I dont know exactly what will be offered but lets set some expectations.

I will not have mature specimen trees like the one you see in the picture above and they will probably not be in permanent bonsai pots. Most likely they will be in brown plastic training pots. (They look like bonsai pots- just made of a high grade plastic and specially designed for trees early in their bonsai journey.
They will likely be wired (well at least I hope I get to wire them!)

What I am looking at right now are
  • Trident Maples
  • Japanese mMples - probably red ones since I've already that that request
  • Eastern Larch
  • Japanese White Pine
  • Japanese Black Pine
I'll also be looking for a winter hardy version of Chinese Elm and will happily add specific requests that I receive- So here is the question- and I am not asking for a commitment, but please let me know if you have any interest in Outdoor bonsai trees.