Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia)- Private Collection-Various


Chinese Elm Bonsai
12-16 inches tall- All trees shipped in good health and in Bonsai Pots
In milder parts of Canada, these Chinese Elm can be wintered outside with lots of protection, but for the most part, it you grow them as deciduous trees you'll want to bring them into a cold room or very cool porch.
Chinese elms are most often grown as indoor bonsai kept inside as year 'round evergreens.  When grown like this they will drop some leaves in the winter, but keep most of them although not a lot of growing is going on until the spring.  I grow these trees outdoors in the summer and most are encouraged to shed all their leaves in the fall and sleep in a cold room until the spring. Trees ship year round although most will be dormant for winter shipping.

Not the exact tree in the picture.

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