Hawaiian umbrella Tree Planted on a Slab (schefflera arboricola)


Native to Taiwan, the Hawaiian umbrella tree has fragile branches a flexible trunk and bright-green leaves are in groups of 7 to 8.
Here is an interesting and very attractive twist on a familiar indoor bonsai. This tree is best suited as a unique gift idea that's easy to care for and an attention getting addition to their home.  It will often grow multiple aerial roots, which add to the attraction for bonsai, especially when planted in groups. Grows fairly fast and steady. It flowers in the wild, but not as a bonsai.

HAWAIIAN UMBRELLA (schefflera arboricola)---indoor, also called SCHEFFLERA.

8 years old and 9-11 inches tall on a 14" on a concrete "plate"
Some people choose the Boxwood on a Rock and look at other Indoor Bonsai

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