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Indoor Bonsai Trees Shipping to Canada
Indoor Bonsai Canada

Bonsai Trees for Sale to Canada

We are not accepting orders at this time

As you can understand, bonsai trees are living things.  With the arrival of freezing weather we cannot ship the trees and guarantee their health and I'm pretty sure you don't want to pay for a dying tree.  The shopping cart has been shut down until the spring.

If you have a question, please feel free to contact me at 290 240 7408  

Thank you very much. 

Looking forward to Spring


We have  indoor and outdoor bonsai trees that can be shipped to Canada.  Zen Garden Bonsai represents several growers that we've hunted down on your behalf.  Our inventory is growing every day and  we are planning even more additions.

Buying a bonsai in Canada is very different from the US.  For one thing, shipping costs are higher and are not included in the price of the tree.  You'll see the cost for shipping in the check out.  If you buy more than one tree, you might be entitled to a shipping cost reduction and we promise to follow up with you if your costs are lower than the charge.

Regardless of the occasion, as a living work of art a bonsai is a unique gift idea.  Bonsai trees are ideal  for wedding gifts , anniversary gifts and a birthday gift.  A bonsai is a natural house warming present and a splendid retirement gift.  As a symbol of enduring life a bonsai is a sensitive and thoughtful bereavement gift.

Check our Blog articles for information on how to look after your bonsai trees.

And one brief note to our American customers - Sorry - If you see a Canadian Flag on a tree, we cannot ship to the US.  We'd love to,  but the paperwork is really ugly. 

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